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präsentieren wir im Rahmen des Kulturherbstes pro Saison eine*n ausgewähte*n junge bildende Künstler*in in der Spektakel Kunstgalerie. 

Eva Yurková

in residence

Eva Yurková

*1996, Svitavy (CZ)


The medial background of Eva Yurková´s work is primarily rooted in the techniques of printmaking. In her art practice she focuses on the themes of body and identity in connection to culture, gender and tradition. She comes from the Czech Republic and lives in Vienna, where she studies at The University of Applied Arts in the Class for Graphics and Printmaking under the professorship of Jan Svenungsson.


"The questions of identity, belonging and conformity are central to my work. Since moving abroad, I have begun to reflect on my cultural inheritance and patterns of collective behavior that have a direct, physical effect on the body of the individual.

"The body" is the focus of my work-often depicted as an anonymous mass. To materialize these anonymous bodies, I occasionally apply the aesthetics of traditional Czech crafts. The medium of woodcutting allows me to transfer a craft-based work into an entirely new production."

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